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The Child Protection Methodological Services of Budapest (CPMS) – operated by the Municipality of Budapest – is the regional provider of child protective services as regulated by the Child Protection Law. The services provided include child protection, after-care and home-providing on the Services’ child-care providing locations, primarily in the orphanages run by the organization and through its foster family network. The organization is seated at 1081 Budapest, Alföldi street 9-13, which is in the vicinity of both Keleti Railway Station and Blaha Lujza square.
The CPMS currently provides its services to approximately 3,000 people (2,400 minors and 600 elderlies in aftercare) living within its jurisdiction.
The responsibilities of the Services are regulated by Articles 60-66 of the XXXI Law of 1997 about Child Protection, including, but not limited to:
  • Organization and operation of the foster family network
  • Foster parent aptness testing; selection, preparation and continuous support of foster parents
  • Performing personality test and analysis of assigned children, preparation of reports and placement proposals as well as individual placement plan for the guardians’ office, in order to determine the suitable place for caring
  • Designation of foster parents and orphanages providing even temporary duties
  • Providing legal representation, acting as trustee and performing other ad hoc guardianship duties as they may arise
  • Initiating placing under guardianship and/or provision of aftercare service
  • Acting as trustee for minors, keeping registry of the intangible assets of minors, preparation of application for cash benefits coming to the minor
  • Maintaining the registry and preparation of the final settlement of the minors’ cash benefits and real estates
  • Professional preparation of the declaration of adoptability and adoption process of the minors assigned to care service: informing and preparing the adoptive parents as well as preparation of experts’ opinion and proposal for the guardians’ office regarding the suitability of foster parents in prospect, in order to transact the adoption process
  • Keeping records of the assigned minors, the days of caretaking and the capacities of caretaking as well as the cases of desertion from the caring places
At CPMS we put a great emphasis on methodological, analytical and counseling activities regarding child protection. Besides their daily work the management and professional staff of the organization keep conducting analysis, do research and participate in workshops, as well as prepare studies and publications. It is crucial that the Services is familiar with those institutions – both within its jurisdiction and on a national level as well – that can either help them in their work or provide services not available from the Services. In order to provide effective child care services, it is necessary to keep up a constant formal relationship with both state or municipal organizations and institutions, and NGOs and such relevant services of churches. CPMS serves as a complex central coordinator of all child care provision within the capital, making substantial efforts to develop a common and shared professional approach. On a regular – quarterly – basis we deliver professional consultancy, where representatives of basic and specialist child care services, authorities and related professional disciplines discuss actual issues. CPMS puts particular emphasis on ongoing contact with NGOs involved in child care – for this purpose we operate a professional forum where specialists can meet on a regular basis, 4-5 times a year.
Most of the professional staff of CPMS is recognized within her/his own field as well as being a licenced and listed expert. Out of 100 professionals 37 have postgraduate degrees and eleven are listed as state-approved experts.


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